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Brain Gym

The one-half day (4 hour) workshop is an interactive workshop for teachers to acquire the basic skills of the Brain Gym program. This workshop explores the theory behind Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology as it applies to brain development. The workshop includes basic instruction on several Brain Gym exercises so that teachers can learn and experience them and then teach them to students. It Identifies problems that students may be experiencing and gives teachers tools to address these concerns. These exercises can be incorporated into the daily routines of teaching any curriculum.

Books and materials used during this workshop are available for purchase either prior to or at the conclusion of the workshop.

The workshop entails the following instruction:

  • PACE – is the acronym that stands for Positive, Active, Clear, and Energetic. They are the four activities to create a readiness for learning.
  • Positive Attitudes Balance – this balance teaches a simple way to relieve stress around reading and writing for teachers and their students. This balance is effective for relieving general stress as well.
  • Theory and Research behind Brain Gym
  • Brain Gym Exercises – Participants will learn Focus, Centering and Laterality exercises related to movement patterns in brain development.
  • Application – Participants are taught how to integration Brain Gym exercises into all classroom learning activities.
  • Question & Answer Session and Evaluation 

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