Connecting from the Heart, Body to Mind



  • Russian Teachers Conference 2004, 
  • International Kinesiology 
    Conference 2005,

  • Brain Basics Conference 2007,
  • Many other professional workshops to teachers and business professionals.

"I encourage student growth and development through MNRI, Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology."


Dr. Joan Spalding is a CORE reflex integration specialist with the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute®. The Institute, located in Orlando FL specializes in family conferences, clinics, classes, workshops and does individual assessments and treament.  The work of the Institute involves therapists doing family conferences, clinics and home sessions in the US and internationally in Poland, France, Indonesia, Singapore, Croatia, Slovenia, Viet Nam and many others. 

Since 2012, Dr. Spalding has spent more than 1,400 hours working at family conferences and since 2003 has taken more than 500 hours of reflex integration courses from the Institute.

​Since 1989, Dr. Spalding has been an instructor for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (EKF) and have taught classes throughout the United States and internationally.  She is also a current member of the EKF’s research committee examining the validity of research in the field.

Dr. Spalding has been an educator for more than 30 years. She trains people of all ages how to improve sensory motor connections in the brain.  In 2005, Dr. Spalding has earned a Ph.D. doctoral program in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Kinesiology and Psychology at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, CO.  Her doctoral dissertation focused on the use of the Brain Gym® exercises in the classroom as it related to focus, behavior and physical coordination.

As an educational consultant, for the past 19 years, Dr. Spalding has taught classes for Colorado State University in Educational Kinesiology.  She emphasizes the use of the educational model, Brain Gym, which stimulates the frontal lobes of the brain and increases the ability to develop more effective ways of learning. These exercises are successful to promote simpler ways of learning.

As part of the Supplemental Educational Services Program for the state of Colorado, Dr. Spalding developed an after school program called SOAR (Students Organizing and Reaching Goals). This program incorporates the Multiple Intelligences theory, Brain Gym exercises and the Orton Gillingham multi-sensory academic methods in an experiential language arts and mathematics enrichment program.

Dr. Spalding's professional career with the MNRI Institute and the Educational Kinesiology Foundation involves working with people who have learning challenges, who may be diagnosed with the following challenges or who have experienced trauma, stroke and brain injuries, dyslexia, ADHD or who have experienced trauma, stroke, and brain injuries.

ADHD Inattentive & HyperactiveAspergers
Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome
Emotionally Disturbed ED
Executive Function Disorder
Express/Receptive Language Delays
Fetal Alcohol Syndrom
Learning Disability
Oppositional Defiance Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr. Spalding has been a member of the Rotary International organization since 1990. In 1991, she volunteered for a one year program to teach Brain Gym at universities for teachers and psychologists in Russia, Latvia and Tajikistan.  In the subsequent 14 years, she continued this program on one-month assignments.


  • Brain Gym International: Distinguished Teaching Award 1998,
  • District Rotarian of the Year 1992,
  • Distinguished Service Award 1997,
  • Rotarian of the Year Evergreen club 1999-2000, 
  • Peace Builder, Evergreen Club 2008.



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